Price of Tecno phantom A+ aka F7 in slot Nigeria

Price of Tecno phantom A+ aka F7 in slot Nigeria The Tecno phantom A+ is one super b smartphone to purchase , as earlier talked about the specification the price 36 ,500 in slot Nigeria and could also be purchased for 34,000, surprisingly  the Tecno phantom a+ aka...
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Motorola to Launch its First Wearable smartwatch, MOTO 360

Motorola-to-Luch-its-First-Wearable-smartwatch-MOTO-360.jpg | Moto 360 smart watch – Wearables Recent smartphone news tell that Motorola has just set out to embark on the ware able production stable, in developing its own android enabled smartphone watch devices. As expected the smartphone watch would run, only android 4.3 and higher. With...
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Price of Iphone 5S in Nigeria

iphone5s-Price-of-Iphone-5S-in-Nigeria-Smartphonestips.com_.png | Iphone 5S photo The Iphone 5S smartphone is currently the most cost iphone smartphone running IOS 7.1 and finger scan unlocker, the smartphone is said to be one of apple best product, but has been on a limited production base on supply. The Apple iphone 5S...
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Apple Iphone 5C price in Nigeria

iphone-5c-Apple-Iphone-5C-price-in-Nigeria-smartphonestips.com_.png | photo of iphone 5C The iphone 5C is one of the recently lunched iphone generation smartphone, running iOS 7.1 as the latest IOS model from Apple iphone,the iphone 5C is know as one of the high end Iphone smartphone and also the Second to the most...
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Hands -On Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone video

Hands -On Samsung Galaxy Grand S4 Smartphone video
Hands -On Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone video, the samsung magical smartphone with fascinating scientific integration on the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone ,it brought technology to a new dimension, some of the samsung Galaxy S4 features includes,automatic air swipe, auto remote control for all LCD Flat screen tv, and...
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LG Lucid 3 Leaked image, sporting Verizon Logo

Lg Lucid 3 Leaked photo Recent tweet report from Notorious @evleaks just gave us a three pop out image leak, of what the LG Lucid 3 smartphone might look like, previously the lucid Generation smartphone is one Lg big fish, swinging over the Android business for a while,...
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